Ancient Egyptian Mural Paintings


Ninety percent of Egypt is desert, so Egyptians settled on the banks of rivers or canals that came out from the rivers. Because of their location, Egyptians had very fertile soil so they became very productive in agriculture. Without this fertility, there would have been no civilizations in Egypt. The Egyptians were very spiritual, and worshiped many Gods, especially the Gods of the Nile. In their art their are many pictures of their Gods and the Egyptians people worshiping them. The Egyptian drawings were also of the Egyptian kings or pharaohs. Some famous pharaohs are Nefertiti, Akhenaten, Hatshepsut, Tutankhamun, Tuthmosis IV, and Ramses the Great. Egyptians are most famous for their tombs, and the pyramids of which the tombs are in. The embalmers, or the person who prepares the dead body, cuts with a knife in the left side of the body and takes out the liver and lungs, which are put into canopic jars. Then later they remove the brain, but not the heart so it can be weighed in the after life (Egyptians believed that depending on how much your heart weighed, it would determines where you go in the afterlife. Then the body is covered with crystals of a substance called natron, for the body to keep from decaying. Then finally, it's packed with dry materials like leaves or sawdust and wrapped in linen bandages. The Egyptians were very unique people and believed in many interesting things, which fascinates many people, and we still have many mysteries to uncover about them.



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